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I could give you a guarantee on a box or you could buy chicken wings.....something like that lol - (Tommy Boy) December 1, 2013 at 8:06pm Kellie Levans-MRME- Wisconsin side ~ Thinking About band Promotions? If you want the most affordable social network promotions , and web wide buzz, come under the umbrella of network PR- -see the promotions roster - Think about it- Get back to me SUBJECT -Milwaukee Rock Examiner -send Promotions Inquiry or opt in now to see your band/brand/art /general content/ buzzing web and world wide-within 24 hours ~ A Christian Music Network who represents all genres- non-secular and secular media alike

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1 year FULL Press package - $288.00

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Publicity, Promotions, Interviews, Reviews (via Skype) or in person by credentialed Rock Music Examiner, Kellie Levans. Here to digitally curate events, band, brand, music, books, art, or general content via feeds, seo tagging, organic Facebook industry likes and shares, twitter posts, and more to over 1069 + Known Networks , as counted by Rolling Stone Magazine- Full Service package includes these additional services- Publicity service- generating press- Submitting to media outlets- Network Television - Radio- Internet Radio- Interviews - Press releases via Mail Chimp- Newsletters - Rocking Fun Music tm Records is trademarked under class 35 CLASS 35 Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions. etc. We work in conjunction with all media outlets and never in competition -


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Meet Kellie Levans

Kellie Levans is an international music journalist for The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner.
She is the chief editor of  ALL~MOST FAMOUS VIDEO REVIEW MAGAZINE,
 Guest spots on,  Milwaukee Nights Out,  Rockford Nights Out, accredited with being a Google author,
and a world wide music and media journalist. 
Kellie Levans is also a music promoter. For the lowest and most affordable pricing in the industry , we will give you endless shares, Facebook Likes,  itunes promotions,  Twitter, Amazon, CD BABY, Official sites, and more.  
We will curate your content via feeds.
 Promo 4 Pennies' ,  Reverb Nation roster , consisting of 30 + bands and artists, has a huge success rate.
Our artist are consistently in the top 10 in their genre,  locally and nationally.
The majority of those artist are #1 in their region. No bots, no gimmicks. 

When you sign up,  be sure to email Kellie Levans  (or use the form here)
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The Best Artist Promotions are now Digital Today's Ft: Track ADDICT by One Pretty Minute  Podcast


 Because of the internet , Indie has taken over the music industry. Artists or bands no longer have to sign their souls over at the crossroads ever again.

Promotions 4 Pennies  is a service for the good times, for the rewards of millions of people who worked hard to break through the old fashion music model , where the artist lost , fans lost in the pocket book, and labels raked in the profit. Those days are over.

Interview with one of the top music promoters on the web

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Your thoughts on Indie and the Internet

Because of the internet , Indie has taken over the music industry. Artists or bands no longer have to sign their souls over at the crossroads ever again. -Kellie Levans-Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner

1over 1 year ago by Kellie
Promoting  ALL GENRES-WORLD, SPIRITUAL, ROCK, HARD ROCK, METAL, COUNTRY,  RAP, HIP HOP, ALTERNATIVE , PROGRESSIVE,  we also promote events, books, art, brands and more.
Kellie Levans has promoted for such companies as Sony X headphones, Pantene, Red Bull, Oil of Olay and more! She has also promoted works by
Papa Roach, Sevendust, Anthrax, Slayer, Texas Hippie Coalition, Bobaflex, Cheap Trick, BLS,  Surrender The Fall , Devour the Day,  The Winery Dogs, and more.
She takes content out of the cyber-swamp and showcases it on over 1069  KNOWN networks ,as counted by Rolling Stone Magazine,  when they threatened to sue her for campaigning web wide (2004 -until current)  to be on the cover -"PUT KIDKEL69 & 11 OTHER INDIE BANDS-ON THE COVER-why didn't they threaten to sue Dr. Hook?  lol 



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Have you ever heard of SOCIAL NETWORK SCHOOL? In the wee hours of the morning, before you see me on FACEBOOK -I am reading all the latest trends on Technorati, Reddit, HootSuite and more. When I am at the library, I check out all those books for dummies. Google For Dummies, Internet For Dummies, and all that fun stuff. This may spark you to finally have someone help you with promotions. It takes a team WORKING with the artist or brand at hand. This is why. The four C's are CONTENT-CONTEXT-CONNECTIONS-and COMMUNITY- this network here is not a "by accident" creation -it took a lifetime's work -networking from YOUTUBE-TO MYSPACE-UP TO FACEBOOK AND TWITTER-wrapping around to Tumblr and WordPress-. We first developed ALL~MOST FAMOUS VIDEO REVIEW MAGAZINE with Kidkel69 then moved into an entire music network at (the hub) -in those 4 c's you, the (artist , band, or brand, already have the amazing content- The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner , Kellie Levans a.k.a Kidkel69 will act as publicist (context) industry connections , and your niche community, are already in place. Come on, this is school-I'm not done yet. Now the 4 P's PRODUCT (your music, art, or merch) Price, Placed, Promoted -the 4 p's the artist can do the first 2 with CD Baby but placed and promoted? You may want to spent that 8 cents a day -to make it even a better circle -proceeds go right back into the network to provide paid services like Jango , (spinning our artist) Hootsuite Pro , and These services, provided out of pocket from proceeds to the network , help provide massive posting and digital feeds web wide. Facebook invites and shares are an added bonus. You can see for yourself, if you want to visit our bricks & mortar location , Rocking Fun Music tm Records and Teen Outreach housing Stop Heroin , Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter- your funds are used for a great cause. GET YOUR PROMOTIONS TODAY

We accept bitcoin for yearly promotion rate with discount included .32 bits for 1 year of Social Network PR and press